DausFab VW Polo/Golf 6mm Driveshaft Spacer Kit
DausFab VW Polo/Golf 6mm Driveshaft Spacer Kit
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DausFab VW Polo/Golf 6mm Driveshaft Spacer Kit

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Driveshafts on Polos/Golfs typically compress when they are lowered and can cause some binding issues. Our Wishbone Extender Kits can alleviate some of this stress/binding whilst also giving your car some additional negative camber up front.

However, for customers that haven't lowered their cars significantly but still want to run one of our Wishbone Extender Kits, we can supply these small driveshaft spacers that help bring your driveshafts back more central and prevent any over-extending.

This kit includes:

  • 2 x 6mm Aluminium Driveshaft Spacers
  • 12 x High Tensile Bolts – Grade 12.9 (Zinc Plated)

The driveshaft spacers install inbetween the inner CV (gearbox side) and the flange from the gearbox. Longer high tensile bolts are provided with the kit for a easy and clean install. 

     Makes and models this kit will work with: 

    • VW Golf (Mark I/II/III/IV)
    • VW Polo (6N/6N2/9N/9N3/6R/6C)
    • VW Lupo

    This kit is for ball in cage CV joints only. Please check with us prior to ordering if you are unsure. Kit may also fit various Audi, SEAT & Skoda models. Please contact us to confirm fitment if you are unsure.

    Important Notes (Please read):

    • GTI models may differ and we cannot guarantee these will fit. 
    • We recommend installing the bolts with thread lock to prevent the bolts becoming loose.



    • Not for road use.
    • DausFab is not to be held responsible for any damage caused due to incorrect fitting. We highly recommend an experienced technician for installation.